Annual Fund Drive Contribution Statistics

Cost to outfit a firefighter

A letter is sent annually to each home in our fire district, asking for your support to keep our trucks on the road and our firefighters equipped with appropriate personal protective equipment and tools. Like everything else, costs are rising. We NEED YOUR HELP to continue to provide vital services in our community.

The number of households contributing continues to dwindle. Please contribute whatever amount you can to ensure fire protection in your community.

Look at these dwindling statistics:

178 our of 1,037 of our residents sent in donations representing only 17 percent.

2018 178 homes  2012 220 homes 
2017 178 homes 2011 320 homes
2016 245 homes 2010 278 homes
2015 263 homes 2009 329 homes
2014 275 homes 2008 346 homes
2013 294 homes  


We thank all of our friends and neighbors who supported us in 2022 and look forward to your continued support.