What can we say??? We're speechless..... All of your support has left us in awe. You all came out and supported us in masses, more than ever. We never could have imagined this year would be as amazing as it ended up being.
We introduced new items such as sweet potatoes, hush puppies, and most popular, the Leona's Ice Cream sandwiches. We brought back our original fish, baked fish, and our bake sale.
We started accepting credit cards for the first time ever. Which made it much easier and faster to get everybody's orders moving along.
Without you, our supporters, none of this would have been possible. We can't thank you enough. And to the members of Wilkins #3, Thank you for all of your help. The members who have worked on the fish fry have put in well over 1,000 combined hours to keep the fish and shrimp frying up week after week during lent.
Well be spending the next few weeks cleaning up, getting everything back to the way it is for the 45 weeks until the next fish fry, but the smell of frying fish will continue to linger throughout the building for months to come, reminding us of all of your generosity and undying support.
Again, thank you all for everything you do and don't be a stranger. If you see us out and about, give us a wave or if you see the doors open, stop in and say "hi".