Wednesday November 14, 2018
Wilkins Township VFC #3

Come to Wilkins Twp. VFC #3

Fall Dance

A night filled with dancing, partying and just having fun with friends and neighbors.


Saturday, October 20th, 2018

Bring your own drinks (alcohol is permitted), snacks, coolers, etc.

Sorry - only 21 years of age and older admitted

Featuring Mid Life Crisis, a classic rock and soul band.

$10 per person donation

Doors open at 7:00 PM

109 E. Powell St., East Pittsburgh, PA (412) 271-4000



United Way Contributions can be directed to YOUR Fire Company

by clicking here and then on the red DONATE button on the United Way website.

Our agency code is 2613.


Contribution Statistics

We desperately need your HELP. Look at these dwindling statistics:

178 our of 1,037 of our residents sent in donations representing only 17 percent.

2017 178 homes 2012 220 homes
2016 245 homes 2011 320 homes
2015 263 homes 2010 278 homes
2014 275 homes 2009 329 homes
2013 294 homes 2008 346 homes


The number of households contributing continues to dwindle. Please contribute whatever amount you can to ensure fire protection in your community. If all the residents would just pitch in a little we can increase the number of homes donating. We thank all of our friends and neighbors who supported us in 2017 and look forward to your continued support.


New members, especially Firefighters, are always welcome.


Messages from Loved Ones - Where Heaven and Earth Meet

Saturday, October 13, 2018¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† 1:00 pm ‚Äď 3:30 pm

Wilkins Township VFC #3             109 Powell Street            East Pittsburgh, PA 15112


Join us for a special KRANTASTIC fundraising event for Wilkins Township Volunteer Fire Company #3 with an afternoon of messages from Loved Ones in Spirit with Renowned Lily Dale Registered Mediums, Rev. Dr. Janice Dreshman & Rev Kris Seastedt.

Come for a "Spirited", fun, interactive and informational afternoon of messages connecting with Loved Ones and Pets from Heaven/The Other Side.

Janice and Kris have a unique and special style of bringing in Loved Ones, including pets, from Heaven, Spirit and their special messages to those in the audience. If you've ever thought about seeing a psychic or medium, this is the perfect Event to give you a taste of how The World of Spirit works. Loved Ones can be our family, family of the heart, friends, teachers, neighbors and even our Beloved Pets. Messages are delivered "Gallery Style". This means participants are randomly chosen to receive messages. While not everyone is guaranteed a message, there is the possibility of group messages when attending with family or close friends.

So gather your group to increase your chances of receiving a message. What this Event does guarantee is a fun afternoon filled with Love, Light and Laughter

Tickets are limited and can only be purchased online at Eventbrite by clicking on the red "Messages from Loved Ones" link at the top of this article.

Tickets will not be available at the door.

No refunds will be issued.